Saturday, February 9, 2013

Canada is getting rid of the penny

Canada is getting rid of the penny!!!!!!.Now we all know that no one cares about Canada but our government might stop making pennies too.SAVE THE PENNIES!!!!!!!!!

I haven't been posting stuff lately

Hello to anyone who follows this blog.I have not been posting anything so I might post some more stuff.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mitt Romney The Truth

While the economy keeps getting worse Mitt Romney is sitting in his Cadillac eating a 60 dollar steak.
So Mad figured that they look and see what happens when the super rich become the super average.
If Mitt Romney was an average guy he would be a hobo on the streets begging for money.You can enlarge the image yourself if your wondering why its so small.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MTV finally cancelled Jersey Shore

They finally cancelled it.It was a fail from the beginning!Which Pervert thinks half naked people humping each other on a beach is funny?I was surprised how many people watched this show when it came out!!!!The show turns your mind to mush.Well I should stop griping now.I have to take my dogs out so see yuh.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mad special two year gift

I if you subscribe to Mad now for two years you'll get a pin from 1964 or 68, that says ''Alfred E. Neuman for president''.Its really cool and you can take advantage of this opportunity and get rich of these suckers.Or its just a scam to buy crap.Either way you get more crap or less its Crappifying.Finally we get a good candidate Alfred!.

There was A Mix up

That picture of Lohan was an old article I planned to put on but never did.Well I guess I actually did Right now!!!!
Have you heard about Linday's crimes I haven't for sure if you haven't either I'll tell them to you.Drunk driving,stealing 100,000 dollars of a friends jewelry,and of course ect.You should be ashamed if you have been worshiping her.I suggest you worship some other celebrity for a change.Maybe LMFAO or Nikki Manaj or just worship a show like the Simpsons or Family Guy.