Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spy vs Spy week Is Over

Well I guess Spy vs Spy week is over And I forgot  to post more comics of Spy vs Spy.Its been more than a week since I last posted but I was busy.So forgive me if you really care about my blog.since I was gone the Olympics started,Mitt Romney offended the British and the Israelis If you didn't know what happened in Israel then I'll tell you. Mitt Romney went to the wailing wail on the day that the Jewish people mourn for everything that happened to them in there history.Here I'll give you a picture of the note that Mitt Romney put in.There is one more thing I'm going to tell you about.Your going to try to guess what The next Mad magazine will look like.
I got it from and I think the cover will have the Olympics on it oh wait by the way here is a clue.

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