Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Got The New Mad Magazine Mad Presents Batman

Its so cool!Its got six movie spoofs and there awesome.OK i'll tell you about it fine!The first comic in the book isn't a movie its a comic from the fifties called Bat Boy and Rubin.Its about them trying to figure out who's murdering people around Gothem city so they go to every gang in Gothem and see who's behind it.
The next comic is from 1989 and is about the original Batman movie.Its called Batyman and its about batman  trying to fight the joker.The one after that is from 1992 and is called Buttman Returns.Buttman fights off the Scatwoman and the Penicillin after they team up.Next up is...wait am I rambling sorry i'll make it quick.These are the movies that come after Buttman Fershlugginer 1995,Buttman and Rubbin' 1997,Battyman begone 2005,and finally The Dork Knight.Hope you like my sneak peak.

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